Criminal Appeals

H Kaufman Associates: Effective Appellate Representation For Criminal Cases

A devastating loss in criminal court is not necessarily the final blow for your case. Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to move on in appeals court. If you choose to appeal your case, it is imperative that you work with a knowledgeable attorney with a specific understanding of the appeals process. H Kaufman Associates is an excellent resource to turn to during this difficult time, as the law firm has a strong track record with appellate matters.

Common Grounds for Appeal

Criminal cases can be appealed on a variety of grounds, including misconduct of the jurors, poor assistance of counsel, or legal errors. If legal errors are cited as the reason for appeal, they must be believed to have substantially altered the outcome of the case. Defendants are more likely to be granted an appeal if they were found guilty by a judge or jury, as opposed to pleading guilty in the first place. However, if poor representation resulted in a guilty plea, the appellate court may choose to grant the defendant an appeal.

Next Steps After Appeal

If you lost an appeal, the right attorney could help you achieve a more favorable resolution in a higher court. If you win your appeal, the prosecutor could appeal in a higher court. Either way, it is important to work with an aggressive attorney with a strong track record in appellate law. If your appeal proves successful, it may be returned to a trial court for relief.

Why Work With H Kaufman Associates

H Kaufman Associates handles a variety of appellate cases, including criminal appeals. Herman Kaufman has a vast background in appellate matters, spanning several decades. His very first position after graduating from law school involved appeals for the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. Since then, he has largely focused on appellate law, including habeas corpus. His work in appellate law is highly respected in the local legal community.

In the aftermath of a criminal conviction, it is only natural to feel hopeless. Don’t give in to despair — the right attorney can help you achieve a favorable resolution in appellate court. Look to H Kaufman Associates for aggressive representation. Get in touch with H Kaufman Associates today to learn more about the appellate process and how Herman Kaufman can lend a helping hand.