Civil Appeals

Civil Appeals at H. Kaufman Associates

H Kaufman Associates offers a range of appellate services, including counsel and representation for those interested in pursuing civil appeals. Whether you recently lost a contract dispute, a personal injury lawsuit, or some other type of civil case, you can count on H Kaufman Associates for aggressive representation and effective legal strategy.

Reasons to Appeal a Civil Case

In a civil case, either party can attempt to appeal the trial court’s decision. Reasons for appealing civil cases often resemble those for criminal appeals. Typically, defendants or plaintiffs appeal due to legal error. If this is used as grounds for appeal, the appellant must prove that the legal error substantially changed the outcome of the case. Factual evidence rarely plays a role in appellate outcomes. In some cases, appeals may be prompted by poor representation in the initial trial.

Next Steps in the Appeals Process

Following a loss in appeals court, the appellant or appellee may seek further appeals from a higher court. Occasionally, a case may be sent back to trial court so as to correct legal errors.

The Importance of Working with a Skilled Civil Appeals Attorney

The appeals process looks little like traditional civil courtroom procedure. Appellate law is notoriously complicated, so it is imperative that you work with somebody who understands the intricacies of this complex practice area. Ideally, your attorney will have a long history of success in civil appeals.

If you recently lost a civil case, it may not yet be the end of the road. Significant errors on the juror or judge’s part may have played a role in your loss, so you may be entitled to an appeal. If you choose to move forward with your appeal, consider working with H Kaufman Associates, a trusted law firm with an exceptional track record.

H Kaufman Associates has successfully resolved a variety of civil appellate cases. The law firm employs an aggressive, detail-oriented approach to appellate law. Herman Kaufman works closely with his clients to ensure that they are thoroughly prepared for the rigors of the appellate process.

Contact H Kaufman Associates at your earliest convenience to learn more about civil appellate procedure and how Herman Kaufman can bring your case to a favorable close.